preview of new nikespaces website

hi, our dear customers,

nikespaces have to change to new domain name on 26th june, please remember the new domain name airinthemorning, just as show on the photo, if you need buy shoes or clothes from us, just open your brower and type in the link.

by the way, coupon code:1usd – for any orde[......]

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What Does Shoes Mean

We are quite familiar with shoes on nikespaces because we wear them in our daily life, such as sandals, sport shoes, slippers, etc. However, do you know shoes have a further meaning for lovers?

Recently, I occasionally find that lovers will not send shoes to each other. If a boy sends a pair of[......]

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High-heel shoes are not good for one’s health

Women love high-heel shoes, for they’re often very beautiful and they can enhance one’s confidence and temperament. Though high-heel shoes are gorgeous, they are not so good for health if you wear them for a very long time without rest. Wearing this kind of shoes too long can cause pain on the botto[......]

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Payment way on nikespaces

For online store, payment way is a very important aspect that decide orders each day, and now, on nikespaces, we only can accept visa payment as online direct payment way, also western union and moneygram, but the visa payment is most convenient.

its really a big pity, only one way make us get le[......]

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Shipping fee on nikespaces

Every our customer should know that, the shipping fee on nikespaces website is a little high before, the reason is decided by the shipping way we used, let’s make an example, a pair of shoes ship to usa, its weight is about 1.3kg, but in shipping company, they need account as 1.5kg, as to arrive abo[......]

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internet make shopping so easy

Now, buy items online is more and more popular, without go out home or spend much time, just beside a computer, and open a website to make order, pay with your credit card, then wait for some days for your packages’ arrival. its just so simple. so we always say internet change people’s life.


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